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The California Nevada Snowmobile Association (CNSA) will be offering a scholarship to either a graduating high school senior or a person currently enrolled in college.  This will be a $500.00 grant and will be given to the winner regardless of other grants or scholarships that the student may also receive. The Scholarship Committee will be made up by the CNSA executive board. It is the committees duty to review all eligible applications and choose the grant recipients. The winner(s) will be announced at the CNSA Convention. Consolation letters will be sent to those not awarded a grant. Donors to the Scholarship Fund will receive a certificate of appreciation.



  1. Parents, legal guardian, or applicant must be a CNSA member in good standing for at least (2) years
  2. Scholarship will be available for any college, university, trade school, or other school of higher learning. Proof of acceptance at the institution of their choice is required before funds are disbursed
  3. Application must be received at the CNSA office at CNSF-Scholarship AT cnsa.net, no later than FEBRUARY 15th.
  4. Consideration of an applicant will be based on the following criteria:
    Academic standing-overall GPA 3.0 or better - proof to be supplied with application.
    Financial need (a brief explanation of need).
  5. Award winner(s) will be announced at the Annual CNSA Convention. Alternates will also be chosen.
  6. Applicants and awards winner(s) may submit applications from year to year. Prior attempts or awards do not remove ones name from the competition.
  7. After completion of the school year, the recipient may be asked to submit a written report on experience during the year.
  8. For information and an application write to
    CNSF-Scholarship AT cnsa.net

The application can be downloaded at:  CNSA scholarship application

The winner of CNSA scholarship is entered into the Weatern Chapter scholarship.

2019     CNSF Scholarship          Madelyn Sweepe
2018     CNSF Scholarship          Amber Carter
2017     CNSF Scholarship          Amber Carter
2016     CNSF Scholarship          Bryce Carter
2015     CNSF Scholarship          Bryce Carter
2003     ASCOW Scholarship       Lucas Burke
2001     ASCOW Scholarship      Joshua Stockton
2000     ASCOW Scholarship       George Gillespie IV
1999     ASCOW Scholarship       George Gillespie IV

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